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Comparison of Single Wall and Double Wall Bats

Nowadays, bats come in the form of single wall, double wall or multi wall. Generally, multi wall bats are more durable than their single wall counterparts. Why? Well that is because the barrels are usually thicker and sturdier.

Well usually, single wall bats produce a batted ball speed between 90-96 mph. Meanwhile, double wall bats have a second wall inside the bat, increasing the overall strength and durability of the bat which in return also improves the trampoline effect which makes the bat reach a 96-100 mph batted ball speed.


Since the ball speed also increases tremendously with multi walled bats, this is the reason why some of these bats are banned by ASA.

So why would you even choose to buy a single walled bat? Simple, what would you even do with a double walled bat if you’re in a softball league that only uses single walled bats?

Well, don’t worry, it doesn’t mean that double wall bats are better, single walled bats are now useless. There are a lot of great single walled bats out there, even better than the multi walled ones!

So what are going to buy? A single wall bat or a double wall bat? Just remember, before you choose your bat, be sure to use it and test so that you yourself would be able to realize how awesome (or awful) that particular bat feels!

So if you’re going to buy a bat and want to be sure that you’re going the have the best single wall softball bat, then be sure to check out this article again because surely we can help you decide because we’ve already mentioned some of the Best Single Wall Softball Bats!

These is the best single wall softball bat. This bats have their specific strengths and weaknesses and if you’re going to buy a softball bat then we would really recommend you to pick from these bats if you want a bat that would give you the best quality out of your money!

DeMarini 2016 Steel

So first off, the DeMarini 2016 Steel bat is the latest technology this era has yet to see! This bat has the latest ZnX Alloy handle, which is an aluminum and zinc handle, designed for minimizing the vibrations and designed for that stiffness you deserve!

Of course who would want to feel the stinging pain that everyone feels whenever the ball makes contact with the bat? Personally, we wouldn’t want you to feel that pain that’s why we recommend you to choose bats that have designs that would lessen the stinging sensations!

This brand new bat is made up of DeMarini’s new and enhanced raw steel material for the pop that you’ve been wanting to hear, the durability that you’ve been longing for and the outstanding performance that you’ve wanted to have! And seriously, you can guarantee that this is all true because we’ve already tried this bat for ourselves, and it really is fantastic!

And because this bat was designed with the new enhanced raw steel material, it’s certain to give you the ultimate material strength that would make your bat really last for years even with abusive use! This bat also gives you a stiffer feel and an overall better experience!

Guaranteed that this bat would perform really well in your game because just after you buy this bat, you could already use it right away! No need for that break-in period, you can use it to its full potential right away!

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