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Top 2 Big Barrel Baseball Bats with Reviews

If you are looking for the best big barrel baseball bats for the new season. Below are the top bats you could consider before choosing the one. They are so good for any player.


Top 2 Big Barrel Baseball Bats

Easton Senior/Youth SL16MKT5 Mako Torq

The Easton Mako Torq carries a sizable big barrel bat and one of the most dashing looks. This bat is constructed in a two-piece design with a solid composite barrel which allows players to hit powerful shots with this bat.

The sizable barrel of this bat offers a large sweet spot which makes it easier for players to successfully hit incoming baseballs more frequently and allows an increase in confidence at the plate.

Easton has used its Thermo Composite Technology in the construction of this bat which ensures that the barrel of this bat offers top performance.

The bat carries a 360-degree TorqATM handle which makes it possible for the players to grip the handle with perfect ease and to swing it right with every hit. The 29/32” profile of the handle makes for a very comfortable grasp and together with the TORQ TAQATM grip, the players can be sure that the handle will add to their momentum in every hit.

The bat carries a 2 5/8” barrel and is available in lengths ranging from 30 inches to 32 inches and corresponding weight options of 25 ounces, 26 ounces and 27 ounces.

DeMarini 2015 CF7

The DeMarini 2015 CF7 is a youth big barrel bat which comes with a composite barrel. DeMarini has used its special Paradox Plus Composite material in the construction of the barrel so that the barrel is light weight, performs solid and is large enough to carry a sizable sweet spot.

The light weight of the barrel allows a player to swing this bat with unusually high speed and the solidity of the barrel ensures maximum pop upon contact with the baseball. Together with the composite barrel, a specially designed handle complements the bat.

This handle has been flame tempered and treated to have it connected to the barrel in such a way that virtually no feedback vibrations travel back into the handle. As a result, players are able to hold the handle and hit at the plate without any discomfort or pain on their hands. DeMarini has also included a dual density flat-end cap.

This enhances the overall swing balance of the bat, letting the players control their swinging momentum more accurately and to hit the ball more precisely with the right part of the barrel. At the end of the handle, the bat concludes in an RCK knob which is meant to enable players to plant their grip on the handle accurately.

The bat is available in length options of 29 inches, 30 inches and 31 inches together with weight options of 21 ounces, 22 ounces and 24 ounces. Click here ro view more about Bat sizing chart.

So, you have read the reviews about those bats, i think you could choose the right bat for yourself.

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